Sharps: a mini-series

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Majorelle Blue - Wallpaper

Sharps: a mini-series photographing sharp objects

As mentioned in my previous post, Music: a series, series are fun way to create as well as to share images.

I called this series “sharps”. A term that is often used in healthcare in conjunction with sharp objects such as needles and blades used for medical procedures. Sharps used to be an important part of my life when I worked in the hospital many years ago. 

The photographs below are of various “sharp” and relatively mundane objects ranging from razors, knifes, tooth picks to medical sharps such as micro needles. Several of the images are macro photographs.

I consciously made an effort to keep the series somewhat consistent and coherent artistically, mostly by style and colors. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 


razor blade still life hand monochrome

razor blades

knife minimal blue steel

serrated knife


silhouette kitchen scissors sharp

kitchen scissors


razor steel



needles sharps blue green microneedles



microneedle device close up blue green

hypodermic micro-needle device


toothpick sharps bokeh



corkscrew bokeh macro



toothpick blue green





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