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What is project 365?

30 days ago (of the writing of this), I started a personal project called Project 365. And I use a very simple process for this project. I have to take one picture a day and post it daily.

A non-original process to train creativity

This idea is neither original nor new.  And photographers have used and widely described this concept. It is a journey to practice creativity, but not without its obstacles.

Challenges and benefits of personal projects

The key challenge is the duration and frequency of the project (i.e. a daily picture for one year).  Some days we may feel distracted or we may feel uninspired. The weather may or our mood may be bad. But these are all inner perceptions.

What about external obstacles that may seemingly prevent us from producing this daily imagery? By overcoming those challenges, we can reap some of the benefits of such a project.

Benefits of personal projects

Personal projects help with many aspects of photography. First, they help photographers increase creativity.  Second, they help to diversify portfolios.  Third, those projects can be used to engage with the community.  And lastly, such projects can help photographers get out of their comfort zone as discussed in this article.

Implementation thus far

I try to pre-visualize shots as discussed in my previous article on mindfulness in photography.  Specifically, I try to focus on the subject, composition and light. Also, I have been experimenting with some of my editing techniques. On some days, I also post short video clips (max 1 min).

If interested, feel free to follow me on Instagram where I post my project 365 images daily (and sometimes more) or you can also just follow the hashtag #siggphotography365

Below are the images (and videos) of my project 365 posted thus far.

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4 Comments on “Project 365: a picture a day for a year”

  1. Daniel, your photographs are incredible! I can’t believe that I’ve known you all these years and never knew about your artistic talents. Phenomenal. . . .

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