Music: a series

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String instrument - Bass guitar

Working in series: the art of the personal project and sharing it with others

A fun way to create as well as to share images is by compiling them (and thinking of them) in SERIES, or a compilation of images. Music is a recurring and loved subject not only for me, but hopefully many of you, so I thought I kick off the series with music related imagery.

The imagery was taken of musical instruments I own, as well as some musicians I photographed (and filmed) in the US and Europe over the past few months. I hope you like it.


kind of blue Miles Davis record vinyl

One of the best (if not the best?) jazz records of all time

beatles record white album

Beatles The White Album: fantastic record/album

guitar acoustic Taylor strings

Acoustic guitar detail (my favorite and beloved Taylor)


Taylor guitar acoustic strings music

My acoustic guitar lit from the inside (shown only the sound hole and strings)


Korg Stage Vintage Piano sounds as good as it looks

Korg Stage Vintage Piano sounds as good as it looks


bamboo flute

Bamboo flute: I love to sound of it, very soothing


microphone macro photograph

I also love recording music (also comes in handy for my video Motion work): this is a detail of a microphone with the (mobile) recorder LED lights lighting up the background


Detail of an archtop jazz guitar


piano electric music detail

Detail of Korg Stage Vintage Piano


musician guitar landscape sunrise wisconsin

Lance rocking out in the corn fields (musician portrait)


jazz musician jazz guitar teal orange

Dave playing his beloved jazz archtop guitar


drums music musician jazz

A jazz drummer photographed in a jazz club in Basel Switzerland



Here a video of Dave Dieken performing the jazz tune Beatrice in my studio:




Below a video showing a guitar E-string in slow motion (and the resulting slow mo sound):

Hope you like the series, let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


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