Montana (Road Trip)

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We recently came back from a road trip out West crossing North Dakota, Montana to Idaho. We briefly visited Glacier National Park (the going to the sun road was closed unfortunately), and then took Highway 2 from White Fish to East Glacier. I’ve fallen in love with the Montana landscape the last time we visited Montana (many images from that trip are shared here), and already cannot wait to go back. One of my favorite highways in Montana is Highway 89, several photographs below were taken along that Highway.

(Fine print: For those interested in the technical aspects, these photos were taken with a 35mm film camera (often 50mm, sometimes 90mm or 28mm) using Portra 400 or TriX 400. B&W was self-developed, and scanned using a mirrorless setup; color photos developed and scanned by

8 Comments on “Montana (Road Trip)”

  1. Excellent photos. Really liked how you framed up the shots. Interesting that you elected to use a film camera. Any reason for not going digital from the get go ?

    1. Thank you for your comments. Glad you liked the photos. The reason for me is that I am mostly focusing on film photography for my personal work … I did write about this in more detail on my website a couple of years ago here. That said, of course digital would be perfectly fine as well 😉

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