Monochromatic series continued: yellow, red and white

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Monochromatic explorations continued

Over 300 days ago, I decided to start project 365, to create a picture a day for 365 days. This is a fun project that has been challenging me creatively. One of the things I started to realize is how much I love to work in series. In my initial monochromatic series (blue series), I started working with this concept. Other examples of series I created through project 365 include the music, as well as sharps series. 

Working in series does help in narrowing down the scope of the creative process, at least for a while. Being mindful and pre-visualization further help me in my creative process, but there is still a lot of room for spontaneity, serendipity and letting things “happen”.  

Working in monochromatic “themes” is nothing new. Most famously, Pablo Picasso worked on a blue period from 1901-1904. 

Continuing the series of monochromatic explorations beyond blue, I have been working on a yellow series, a red series and a white series. 

Check out the images below and let me know what you think in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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hiking sign switzerland yellow


Ava in yellow


airplane wing


window shadow yellow


hand holding pencil yellow


bokeh yellow


hand silhouette on yellow orange background


strainer in yellow abstract


golden hour with power lines


sunglasses on yellow


tennis balls yellow




lemon detail




video camera rig silhouette on red background


arm watch on red background


oil on water red


person sitting in corder on red


optical illusion in red


swiss passport





dress shirt detail white


brick wall white grey shades


fabric detail with you lettering


round rocks on white


white candles


garlic in basket


white umbrella


espresso coffee cup on white


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