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Macro Photography

I love macro photography because it allows us to see the beauty of small things (see previous post on that topic).

In an earlier post, I shared an animation of a 89 still images of an old rusty screw on a piece of wood (an old cutting board). Specifically, I wanted to illustrate how the focus plane (=areas of sharp focus) moves across the frame of the photograph by using video animation of the individual still images.

Guest Blog

This post generated quite a bit of interest, and I was invited to do a guest blog on DIY Photography, a major photography blog, see link here. The blog was published on Dec 19.

To create images with front to back image frame sharpness, multiple individual images are required. Because the optics of the lens are not able to capture everything sharp front to back for subjects that small. Macro photography often does require a specialized setup including a so called macro-rail and a specialized macro lens.

Below, I am sharing composite still images and motion of individual still images where this technique has been used in a similar fashion.

Behind the Scenes

This is a behind the scenes shot (BTS) of a macro photography shoot in my old studio.

Spilled Pill: animation

So here, some additional examples of animations and stills of such macro shots. Let’s start with a spilled pill animation.

Spilled Pill: still image

Micro SD card

MicroSD cards are particularly small (about 1-2mm) storage devices used for storing digital information such as audio, video and stills for various purposes including on audio devices as well as drones.

MicroSD card: still image

And here the resulting still image, again composed of multiple individual still images.

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