In the Swiss Alps

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Seealpsee - Säntis

In the Swiss Alps

A few weeks ago (early June)s, me and my family went on an Europe trip to visit Switzerland, my home country. I was very much looking forward to that after a long winter and spring with many hours spent in the studio and too little time spent outside.

We spent a couple of days in the beautiful Seealpsee, in the Swiss canton of Appenzell. Seealpsee is close to the Santis, one of Switzerland’s more famous well known mountains.

I have visited this lake area many times before and continue to be amazed by its stunning and pure beauty.

The lake can only be reached by foot, we came from a small town called Wasserauen, an hour long and very steep hike up the mountain.

Not having done any landscape photography for almost two months or so, it was so much fun for me to go out and shoot some landscapes. Below is some of the material from those two days.

I only brought one camera with one lens (a 35mm). This minimalistic approach enabled me to travel light, to not worry about gear, and to just enjoy the photography.




Seealpsee Switzerland Schweiz

Yellow flower on Seealpsee


Seealpsee Switzerland Schweiz

Tree pose in the forest


Seealpsee Switzerland Schweiz

Cows in the Seealpsee region


Seealpsee Switzerland Schweiz

Yellow flower bed


Seealpsee Switzerland Schweiz

Lonely flower on Seealpsee


Appenzell Seealpsee Switzerland Schweiz

Dandy lions on Seealpsee


Seealpsee:  view from Berggasthaus Forelle


 Appenzell Seealpsee reflection

Reflections on Seealpsee


Appenzell Seealpsee Santis Switzerland Schweiz

Evening light on Seealpsee


Seealpsee cow Kuh Santis

Another cow 😉


Appenzell Seealpsee Switzerland

Walkway around Seealpsee during evening hours


Seealpsee Switzerland Schweiz

Golden hour / before sunset


Seealpsee Santis Swiss Alps landscape photography

Seealpsee during evening hour


Seealpsee Santis Swiss Alps landscape photography

Im Wald (in the forest): photograph of Daniel by Amy Olson


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