Episode 039: Consistency

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In this episode of CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY, Daniel will discuss the issue of consistency in photography.

Why consistency?

It creates a cohesion across a body of work.

It may create trust, authority and credibility when others observe your work.

It shows control over your work.

Consistency of look:

  • gear choice
  • format (including aspect ratio)
  • lens, in particular focal length
  • digital processing of images
  • if you are film shooter: film stock and film processing
  • subject / perspective / lighting

Consistency of subject matter.

Consistency of lighting.

When to be consistent?

For professional photographer who want to get hired for something

Across a series

Across a project

Should you always be consistent across all your work?

Not necessarily.

It is good to have some sort of coherent style, but again, there is no rule for that

Maybe even within a project, it would be okay to switch things up, like B&W and color.


Are the images below consistent? I would say so, at least going in the direction of being consistent: we have consistency of medium (film) and subject (music, instruments). We have still lives without people. We have some interesting angles (not always). Could this be even more consistent? Absolutely: consistent aspect ratio (here we switch between 1:1 and 3:2), not all are close ups, focal length not consistent, angles are often interesting, but not always, maybe record player doesn’t fit in this series as well. 


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