Episode 090: Organizing for the film community – a conversation with Lucia Rollow

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#90. In this episode of CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY., Daniel has a conversation with NYC based artist, educator and community organizer Lucia Rollow. We talk about her journey, her work for the film community (Bushwick Community Darkroomunitedfilmlab.com, her plans going forward and other things.

Bushwick Community Darkroom Website: https://www.bushwickcommunitydarkroom.com/
A YouTube video about the Bushwich Community Darkroom (by ILFORD): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTD0b4kFqCc

Unitedfilmlab.com: a site to find local photolabs worldwide and also to develop your film: https://www.unitedfilmlab.com/ ->use this LINK to find film labs globally: https://lookerstudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/86faaaba-b3ac-4785-8c9f-7c398a2e8cad/page/s4QHD
-> use this LINK to fill out a form to have your film lab listed: https://forms.gle/ERErRLxvcE8n9vJh6 

Lucia Rollow’s website: https://www.luciarollow.com/

Support the podcast: buymeacoffee.com/danielsigg

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