Episode 079: Traces within – a conversation with Eva Voutsaki

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#79. In this episode of CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY., Daniel has a conversation with UK-based photographer Eva Voutsaki. We talked about her book project Traces Within and a range of other things including tips on making your own photobook.

Eva’s website: https://www.evavoutsaki.com/

Eva’s Instagram: @eva_voutsaki

Eva’s book Traces within: https://www.evavoutsaki.com/store/c1/book

Here some of the people Eva mentioned during our discussion:

Rob Hornstra, Dutch photographer and a pioneer in self publishing https://www.robhornstra.com/stories

Julia Borissova, a photographic artist making handmade photobooks

Emily Macaulay, Eva’s graphic designer http://www.stanleyjamespress.com/


David Lynch (director) and Angelo Bandalamenti (music)  in the series Twin Peaks

Edward Hopper

Anders Petersen

Antoine D’Agata

Vanessa Winship (she wrote the text in my book Traces Within)

The International film festival in Thessaloniki (the city she studied law)

Robert Frank’s The Americans

Cristina De Middel The Afronauts

Martin Parr and Gerry Badger’s the Photobook: A History

She also mentioned Konstantinos Kavafy https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/c-p-cavafy

and Nikos Kavvadias https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/159274.The_Collected_Poems_of_Nikos_Kavadias

and Fernando Pessoa, the Portuguese author. 

Lastly, a “technical” clarification, Eva referred to the book binding technique she used for her book as “saddle stitch” during our conversation,  but she told me afterwards that this may be confusing as it connotes that it has metal staple. The correct term is pamphlet sewing.  

Images by Eva Voutsaki, all rights reserved

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