Episode 025: The Power of Print – A Conversation with Daniel Milnor

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In this episode of CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY, Daniel Sigg has a conversation with Daniel Milnor.

Daniel Milnor is a journalist, photographer and writer who is now performing these duties in his role as “Creative Evangelist,” for Blurb Inc. He has a blog called shifter.media and lives in New Mexico.

Check out Daniel’s blog at shifter.media and subscribe. You won’t regret it.
Books Daniel recommended:

Refuge by Terry Tempest Williams

A rumor of war by Philip Caputo

Delcorso’s Gallery by Philip Caputo

The year of living dangerously by Christopher Koch

Highways to war by Christopher Koch

River of Time: A Memoir of Vietnam and Cambodia by Jon Swain

The razors edge by W. Somerset Maugham

The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson

7 pillars of wisdom by T.E. Lawrence

The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel In Two Semesters by Chip Kidd

Where the Water Goes: Life and Death Along the Colorado River by David Owen

Some Rise by Sin by Philip Caputo

Daniel Milnor

4 Comments on “Episode 025: The Power of Print – A Conversation with Daniel Milnor”

    1. Thanks! Can’t take credit for Dan’s sound, but we do use zencastr.com that records sound files locally and then uploads them later.



      1. Whoa, just looked them up. That looks great. I love audio and would like to do interviews and maybe a podcast. I like working with Adobe Audition, but I know my weaknesses – I’ll never dive into it deeply enough to get fantastic audio without some help. Looks like Zencastr might offer that help.

        1. Zencastr is great for guest recording, it is helpful if each the participants has a microphone / headset setup that is halfway decent. Using good microphone technique is key and then mastering at the end (mostly audio normalization). If you are further interested in technical aspects of podcasting, feel free to send me an email (via website) and I am happy to share my setup.

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