Episode 020: Film Photography in 2021? Some Thoughts

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Camera lens - Film SLR

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In this episode of CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY, Daniel Sigg will discuss some thoughts about why or why not to pursue film photography in 2021.

Daniel had some great current film photographers on the podcast already, and also discussed some of the great film photography masters. Here a list, feel free to check the episodes out (show notes have pictures as well):

Hashem McAdam (Episode 3)

Kyle McDougall (Episode 6)

Saul Leiter (Episode 7)

Ted Vieira (Episode 8)

Ernst Haas (Episode 16)

Em Jensen (Episode 18)

Paul C Smith (Episode 19)

To check out the 2-part blog article, go here.

Date - Art

Date at the Walker (35mm Kodak Portra 400)

Black and white - PhotographyStreets of Saint Paul (120 medium format Ilford HP5+ 400 B&W film)

Impressionism - PhotographySnow in Saint Paul (Kodak 35mm Portra 400)

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