Episode 014: Minimalism In Photography And Gear – A Conversation With Nicole Struppert

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In this episode of CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY, host Daniel Sigg has a conversation with Nicole Struppert.

About Nicole

Nicole Struppert’s photographic work focuses on geometric and minimalistic compositions and candid reportage photography. Her photographs are a testimony to her eye for form, composition and the observation of contemporary life.

Her architectural photography is atypical in its abstraction. Rather than showing wide-angle views, she focuses on the details in the designs. Fascinated by reading forms she takes small fragments of architecture out of context, recreates the subject and space to reveal a new meaning.

In 2019 she started to explore the visual narratives found in nature and landscapes to explore the transition and change of the journey in life.

Between 2012 and 2017 she worked on a long term documentary project about Shoreditch in East London.

Besides her personal and commercial work she has worked as a freelance photographer for the dpa:picture alliance, where she captured life around the Olympic Games 2012 London, and the US elections 2012.

In 2018 Struppert was the only female (out of 10) photographers from Germany who got published the book “Streetfotografie – Made in Germany” by the Rheinwerk Verlag. A book giving insights to inspire photographers who are interested in street photography

Her work has been internationally exhibited and published in several media .

Nicole lives and works in Munich.


Nicole’s website: https://nicolestruppert.com/

Nicole’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicolestruppert/

Photographer: mentioned by Nicole

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2 Comments on “Episode 014: Minimalism In Photography And Gear – A Conversation With Nicole Struppert”

  1. Wonderful photos and very interesting Interview. Nicole seems very charismatic and has interesting views on street photography and photography in general.
    I will go on the hunt for that book she is featured in. Thanks for this great episode.

    Best regards

    1. Thanks, Bastian! I appreciate your kind comments. Nicole is great, and it was a pleasure to speak with her. I would love to see her street photography book as well, I don’t think it’s available in the US …



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