Episode 008: Story Telling (with Ted Vieira)

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Black and white - Still life photography

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In this episode of CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY, host Daniel Sigg will discuss storytelling in photography with Ted Vieira.

Ted Vieira is a Las Vegas based photographer, focusing on portrait photography. He really appreciate seeing a photo that tells a story. Ted says that [the story] is the thing that makes someone keep coming back to look at the photo again.

Ted Vieira

I have been following Ted’s work for a while, and love his photography and his style. He also has one of the coolest voices on YouTube or the podcasting world! We had a great time discussing story telling and related topics around the creative process.

You can find Ted here: https://tavphotography.com/

Ted’s books can be found here. By the way, he encourages other photographers to create similar books as he did (see YouTube and podcast links below): https://tavphotography.com/books-available-from-ted-vieira/

Ted’s YouTube channel

Ted’s podcast Photography Matters can be found here: https://photographymatterspodcast.com/

Below some samples of Ted’s work (all images © Ted Vieira):

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6 Comments on “Episode 008: Story Telling (with Ted Vieira)”

    1. Thanks, Bastian! One of the (many) things I enjoy about the podcast interviews is learning about other photographers perspectives, approaches, influences etc.

  1. Hey Daniel, that was a lot of fun, man. Hey, I did get a chance to listen back to the episode and at one point, when I’m talking about preparing my images in Lightroom for a book, I said I left them at 72dpi… not sure why I said that. I don’t change the dimensions but I do increase the size to 300dpi. Just wanted to mention that. Great show, keep up the great work, Daniel.

    1. Thanks, Ted!

      It was a lot of fun and great to have you on the show! We should do this again in the future!



  2. This is really enjoyable to listen to. Intelligent dialogue opening the canvas for insightful views. Thank you very much. I listened to this for the third time and it becomes better and better.

    1. Hi Frank, thanks so much for your kind comment, I am so glad you liked the episode. And also thanks for listening!


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