Episode 006: An American Mile (with Kyle McDougall)

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An American Mile – Discussion with Kyle McDougall

In today’s episode, I had a discussion with Kyle McDougall about his project An American Mile.  In American Mile, Kyle depicted a 256 days trip across the United States, exploring the small towns and backroads that are strewn across its vast landscape. We discuss this project and also projects in general. And along the way, touch on other topics such as medium film, sequencing (of images), format (of negatives), film stocks, printing, color, consistency, style and other topics related to the creative process.

All photographs by Kyle McDougall (from American Mile project, © Kyle McDougall).

About Kyle McDougall

Kyle McDougall is a photographer from Ontario, Canada. He now lives in the UK. His current work is driven by a fascination with society, time, and the ever-changing environments that surround us. He is an advocate of film and creates his images using a wide range of formats—from 35mm to 4×5 large format. With a desire to help others learn more about the medium, Kyle created Analogue—a YouTube video series that focuses on both the craft and technique of film photography.

I’ve been following Kyle’s work for a while, and have been impressed by the quality of his work. He is also a filmmaker which shows in the quality of his YouTube videos.

His website is kylemcdougallphoto.com

His YouTube channel Analogue

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