Welcome to Episode 001 of the CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY. podcast: Introduction and tips to overcome creative block.

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Podcast - Photography

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In this first episode, host Daniel Sigg will introduce the CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY.  podcast, tell you a little bit about himself, tell you what’s coming, and jump right into the first topic: how to overcome creative block in photography.

There are many episodes planned conceptually, the next episode (Episode 002)  will be about how mindfulness affects photography. Episode 3 will focus on how limitation can increase your creativity.

Create. Photography. is a podcast about the creative side of photography. Daniel will discuss a broad range of topics that are meant to inspire and hopefully help and inspire you. This is a podcast for anyone interested in photography. Each show will deal with one topic that relates to the creative side of photography. Daniel will discuss topics that might point you in new directions and provides new perspectives.

Listen to episode 2: mindfulness here.

Listen to episode 3: limitation (with Hashem McAdam) here. 

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