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Create. Photography. Podcast

All about the creative side of photography. A podcast for anyone interested in photography.

Preview of episode #1. Welcome to Create. Photography. A podcast all about the creative side of photography.  In this episode, host Daniel Sigg will introduce the podcast, tell you a little bit about himself, tell you what’s coming, and jump right into the first topic: how to overcome creative block in photography.

Episode #2. How mindfulness can affect creativity in photography. In this episode, we will discuss the importance of mindfulness. Ansel Adams was big into this, and discovered a key mindfulness technique: visualization. Visualization is probably one of the most important concepts of photography. 


Episode #3. How limitation can increase your creativity (with Hashem McAdam). Host Daniel Sigg will discuss how limitation can be liberating and unlash your creativity. It seems paradoxical, but it is not. Hashem is an Australian photographer and filmmaker, who also runs a successful youtube channel called “pushing film”. 


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