Photoshoots, podcast, album cover art and other creative updates

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Black and white - Photographic film

Hi there!

Here are some updates of what has been going on creatively in the past several weeks.

Swiss photography collaboration

I am planning a collaboration with a group of photographers in Switzerland. I can not say too much about it yet other than I am quite excited about it. And I think it will be pretty cool to be part of it!


I have started to finally edit a documentary I shot about an author. Most of the footage has been captured in late 2019 and early 2020. Footage and audio look great, now comes the hard part: putting it all together and editing it.

Road trip and images

While I haven’t been able to travel back to Switzerland yet, I was fortunate to be able to take a few road trips. I am sharing some of the images I haven’t shared below.

Many of the photographs are from the South Dakota Badlands. There are some photographs from Montana as well. Maybe you recognize them?


badlands kodak portra grass and clouds

badlands fence cows

road clouds in badlands black and white dramatic trix kodak

badlands weather clouds black and white trix kodak

badlands south dakota black and white overlook

road badlands kodak trix 35mm

glacier kodak trix black and white

glacier kodak trix black and white


I actually really like portraiture, and want to focus more on it for my personal work.

Here a very recent one I took of Amy. (This is digital). I love the natural light look.


I have been playing out with my band a couple of times (outside both times!) and we have soft-released our original tune, you can check it out here.

We just recorded an unplugged version of Grand Marais outside (campfire setting), both video and audio.

This is the cover art for our tune Grand Marais. I took the photograph and also created the design. It is an example of the intersection of creative art forms, something I have been discussing in an recent blog post. I also am planning a podcast episode about that interesting creative concept (episode 15).


3 dirty birds grand marais cover art light tower photograph and cover art by daniel sigg


I have been spending a lot of time on podcast production for my new Create. Photography. podcast. The podcast launched on October 1. At the moment of this writing, I have probably 14 episodes recorded, and currently 5 have been released.

The podcast has been a lot of fun thus far. I have interviewed several photographers and created a ton of additional content. My sense is that the main postings on my page will be podcast related. Each podcast episode will have an accompanying post (“show notes”).

You can check out the previous episodes here:

Episode 1 | Episode 2Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5

If you like the podcast, please leave a positive review on iTunes.

To subscribe to the CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY podcast, click here.  A new episode comes out every Thursday. 


That’s all. And talk to you next time.


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