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Street - Night photography

The cities are so empty these days (December 3 2020). We are still in partial lockdown, restaurants are closed, and the streets more than ghostly.

I have been out photographing in downtown Minneapolis again. Street photography with plenty of empty streets and almost no people. The few people I did see I tried to capture including myself in a reflection!

It was not particularly inspiring, but it is fun to go back to the same spots and corners.  This happened to be around Marquette and 8th Street. Close to IDS and also Nicollet Ave.

Street - Night photography

A staple in Minneapolis, Manny’s steakhouse (closed)

Street - Night photography

Reflection (of an empty skyscraper)

street - travel

A rare sight of people on the street, in sync 

Street - Night photography

Another rare sight of a human crossing the street

Street - Night photography

Recycling can on Nicollet (1)

Street - Night photography

Recycling can on Nicollet (2)

Hotel - Street

A bored hotel clerk at the Marquette Hotel

Bus - Night

An empty bus rushing by

Lights - Night

Xmas lights and no people

Street - Self Portrait

Selfie in front of the Foshay Tower (and empty streets)

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