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Camera lens - Film SLR

In the book I am reading “SHOW YOUR WORK”, author Austin Kleon talks about sharing behind the scenes stuff. I typically don’t do that, not sure why not? Maybe because I feel it’s not that interesting. But I decided I will share more things via my Create (Daily) posts. And so this seems to be a good platform to share stuff like this. Today, I finished the another roll of Kodak Portra 400, and have now 3 undeveloped rolls. Most of these photographs were shot in downtown Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Some of them were at night.

One of my goals for those photographs was to NOT have a goal and to shoot fairly “loose”. I also wanted to do more urban photography and just let my intuition guide me. It was fun that we had quite a bit of weather over the past few days including a big snow fall which turned into rain today. I was photographing with my 35mm Nikon film camera and either a 85mm or 135mm lens.

In a sense I have no idea of what kind of pictures I can expect, but I know they will be somewhat abstract, many of them likely blurry and I definitely look forward seeing them and sharing them. I plan to bring them to the lab today.

Yesterday the 6th podcast episode of Create. Photography. was released (with photographer Kyle McDougall).

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