Episode 009: Lighting Essentials (with Don Giannatti)

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Satellite dish - Artificial satellite

In this episode of CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY, host Daniel Sigg will discuss light, lighting and other creative topics with Don Giannatti. Don is a former commercial photographer, owner of an ad agency, and current photography mentor/coach.

Don understands lighting, and teaches how to light correctly (whether natural or with strobes or with reflectors or combinations of thereof) to photographers around the world.

Episode 008: Story Telling (with Ted Vieira)

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Black and white - Still life photography

In this episode of CREATE. PHOTOGRAPHY, host Daniel Sigg will discuss storytelling in photography with Ted Vieira.

Ted Vieira is a Las Vegas based photographer, focusing on portrait photography. He really appreciate seeing a photo that tells a story. Ted says that [the story] is the thing that makes someone keep coming back to look at the photo again.

I have been following Ted’s work for a while, and absolutely love his photography and his style. He also has one of the coolest voices on YouTube or the podcasting world! We had a great time discussing story telling and related topics around the creative process.

Episode 006: An American Mile (with Kyle McDougall)

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Photography - Photographer

In today’s episode, I have a discussion with Kyle McDougall about his project An American Mile.  In American Mile, Kyle depicted a 256 days trip across the United States, exploring the small towns and backroads that are strewn across its vast landscape. We discuss this project and also projects in general. And along the way, touch on other topics such as medium film, sequencing (of images), format (of negatives), film stocks, printing, color, consistency, style and other topics related to the creative process.