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Music: a series

Working in series: the art of the personal project and sharing it with others A fun way to create as well as to share images is by compiling them (and thinking of them) in SERIES, or a compilation of images. Music is a recurring and loved subject not only for me,...

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Update on project 365

Project 365: a personal project Project 365 is a personal project where I challenged myself to photograph (or videograph) an image (or clip) every day for 365 days.  A challenge project Importantly, project 365 is a creativity challenge project. ...

Light house lit up by sun in Grand Marais
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Macro in motion

  Macro Photography I love macro photography because it allows us to see the beauty of small things (see previous post on that topic). In an earlier post, I shared an animation of a 89 still images of an old rusty screw on a piece of wood (an old...