Film photography with a classic Kodak black and white film

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Photographic film - Black and white

Kodak TriX: A classic black and white film Film cameras, and film are ultimately tools for artistic expression of the photographer. Within film photography, the choice of film stock is a major determinant of the final “look” of the image. Previously, I discussed my thoughts on film photography in great length in a two-part post (part 1, part 2). In … Read More

Let’s break the rule of thirds and other photography rules

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Black and white - Monochrome photography

Do you like to break rules? I do. Especially the ones that don’t make a lot of sense like the “rule of thirds”. This rule and others are some aesthetic rules in photography that are commonly encountered and taught. And the myths continue to live on and perpetuate (also by mindless copying) as online content ranging from youtube to forums … Read More