The intersection of creative art forms: music and photography

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Black and white - Photographic film

Many art forms appear to intersect at times.  For me personally,  the intersection of music and photography is particularly interesting. As an active musician and photographer, I am always surrounded by my tools: cameras and musical instruments. Naturally, I have been taking many pictures of my instruments. How can such connections / intersections help with creativity, beyond the obvious? For … Read More

Bokeh and creativity

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grasses north shore lake superior bokeh sunset

Bokeh and creativity   What the hell is bokeh? The term Bokeh /bōˈkā/  describes how lenses render out of focus areas of images (stills or video/cinema). The aesthetic quality of the out of focus (blurred) areas in the images shared below can be called “Bokeh”. Wikipedia defines Bokeh as the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of … Read More