Let’s break the rule of thirds and other photography rules

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Black and white - Monochrome photography

Do you like to break rules? I do. Especially the ones that don’t make a lot of sense like the “rule of thirds”. This rule and others are some aesthetic rules in photography that are commonly encountered and taught. And the myths continue to live on and perpetuate (also by mindless copying) as online content ranging from youtube to forums … Read More

Composition in photography: approaching the subject

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Black and white - Photography

Composition in photography: definition In photography composition is the way in which something (a photograph) is put together or arranged.  It is the combination of parts or elements that make up something. It is what we put in the frame and where we put it. In other words, it is the design, arrangement, layout of (compositional) elements in a photography … Read More

The intersection of creative art forms: music and photography

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Black and white - Photographic film

Many art forms appear to intersect at times.  For me personally,  the intersection of music and photography is particularly interesting. As an active musician and photographer, I am always surrounded by my tools: cameras and musical instruments. Naturally, I have been taking many pictures of my instruments. How can such connections / intersections help with creativity, beyond the obvious? For … Read More

Bokeh and creativity

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grasses north shore lake superior bokeh sunset

Bokeh and creativity   What the hell is bokeh? The term Bokeh /bōˈkā/  describes how lenses render out of focus areas of images (stills or video/cinema). The aesthetic quality of the out of focus (blurred) areas in the images shared below can be called “Bokeh”. Wikipedia defines Bokeh as the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of … Read More

Sharps: a mini-series

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Majorelle Blue - Wallpaper

Sharps: a mini-series photographing sharp objects As mentioned in my previous post, Music: a series, series are fun way to create as well as to share images. I called this series “sharps”. A term that is often used in healthcare in conjunction with sharp objects such as needles and blades used for medical procedures. Sharps used to be an important … Read More

Macro in motion

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Image - Photography

Macro Photography I love macro photography because it allows us to see the beauty of small things (see previous post on that topic). In an earlier post, I shared an animation of a 89 still images of an old rusty screw on a piece of wood (an old cutting board). Specifically, I wanted to illustrate how the focus plane (=areas of … Read More

The beauty of small things

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Coffee bean - Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

In commercial product photography including macro photography, one has to pay a lot of attention to detail with regards to creating an overall image that is hopefully artistic, unique, technically proficient, and overall compelling. Details of composition, lighting, exposure, highlights, shadows, reflections, surfaces, textures, colors balance, saturation, luminosity, gradients, backgrounds, foregrounds, sharpness, edges, negative space, contrast all matter, and of … Read More