Create (daily): Why Gear Does Not Matter

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As photographers, we often worry about gear. I certainly have … trying to find the perfect camera, lens, or other tool. Film, Digital? I have been focusing on film photography and thought I would not go back to digital. Well, this wasn’t so. I have been shooting much more digital lately, for a few reasons. First, I wanted to do … Read More

Create (daily): What is Create (daily)?

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Why Create (daily)?

I should have probably posted this in the beginning of this new “micro-blog” series. Since I am focusing a lot of my personal photography related efforts on my podcast (aside from my personal work of course), my regular blog posts might be getting a little less attention.

I love minimalism, and reduction of images to its essence. Depending on your intent, the reduction / minimalism can cause viewers to lose context and do not understand the image. The question is whether this is so important. 

Create (daily): Minimalism

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I am strongly influenced by minimalistic art, and love the minimalist style of architecture, photography, painting and even living. Although I do not practice minimalism I think there is much to be said about reducing things to the essence.