Pandemic Book Project

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Architecture - 元佳意城

I had a chance to participate in a book project that is going to summarizing the experience if 49 photographers during the pandemic. Here is the link to the story: The project will be going live on kickstarter soon, so sign up via link above to get notified once it does.

Create (daily): Concepts

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This is an article I drafted in early 2021, and never published. I recently went over my draft posts and re-discovered it and decided to post. It is interesting how almost everybody talks about how bad 2020 was, and how much better (hopefully) 2021 will be (or should be). But we are just talking about a concept, an arbitrary day … Read More

Create (daily): Just Another Street Photography Outing

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Street - Night photography

The cities are so empty these days (December 3 2020). We are still in partial lockdown, restaurants are closed, and the streets more than ghostly. I have been out photographing in downtown Minneapolis again. Street photography with plenty of empty streets and almost no people. The few people I did see I tried to capture including myself in a reflection! … Read More