Mini winter landscapes

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Photographic film - Black and white

Mini winter landscapes As mentioned in my previous post, I absolutely love the winter landscapes of the Lake Superior North Shore. As a sort of continuation of this previous series, here a series of close(r) up landscapes (landscape details) of the snowy Lake Superior forrest. Some of these images have been posted on Instagram. While there are many stocks I … Read More

Flowers in the winter – a mini series

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Black and white - Photography

​Flowers (and grasses) in the winter (a mini-series) I absolutely love the winter landscapes of the Lake Superior North Shore. The flowers and grasses that seem to survive the cold (- 20 Celsius) weather are fascinating to me. Quite a few of them, over the course of just a few days, ended up in this series. Mini-series are fun as … Read More


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Black and white - Photographic film

“The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.”― Lao Tzu, Te Tao Ching Sometimes less is more, so that’s my first post in 2020 and the new decade. Pictures taken with Nikon FE, 28mm lens with macro tube and Ilford Pan F 50 B&W film.

Guest Post: Some thoughts on bulk loading ( blog)

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Photographic film - 35 mm movie film

Here is another guest blog that just got published on Hamish Gill’s 35mmc blog: It’s about the pros and cons of purchasing film in bulk (which requires photographers to load the film into cassettes). Here some of the images from the blog.  

Black and White Travel Photography

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Meter - High-rise building

Black and white film photography: travel I decided to only take my film cameras on my trip to Basel, Switzerland and Hamburg, Germany. The purpose of my trip was primarily personal, but I had a few opportunities to take pictures on the streets of Basel and Hamburg. Traveling with film cameras and film In preparing for my trip, I knew … Read More

Film photography: keep calm and shoot film

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Nikon FE - Photographic film

Keep calm and shoot film: all about film photography This is from a sticker I received when I purchased some film equipment from the film photography project, a company focused on providing equipment for film photographers. I love the sticker as it reminds me of one of the reasons why I love shooting film. It does slow me down, not … Read More

Bokeh and creativity

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grasses north shore lake superior bokeh sunset

Bokeh and creativity   What the hell is bokeh? The term Bokeh /bōˈkā/  describes how lenses render out of focus areas of images (stills or video/cinema). The aesthetic quality of the out of focus (blurred) areas in the images shared below can be called “Bokeh”. Wikipedia defines Bokeh as the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of … Read More

In the Swiss Alps

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Seealpsee - Säntis

In the Swiss Alps A few weeks ago (early June)s, me and my family went on an Europe trip to visit Switzerland, my home country. I was very much looking forward to that after a long winter and spring with many hours spent in the studio and too little time spent outside. We spent a couple of days in the … Read More

The blue series: monochromatic explorations

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Lofoten - Haukland Beach

MONOCHROMATIC: DEFINITION Monochrome or monochromatic images = visual images in a single color or in varying tones of a single color (such as gray).      WHY THE BLUE SERIES? Creating images in series is fun and inspiring (see my post on other series: Sharps: a mini-series,  Music: a series).  I love the color blue, and I love the minimalist … Read More

Sharps: a mini-series

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Majorelle Blue - Wallpaper

Sharps: a mini-series photographing sharp objects As mentioned in my previous post, Music: a series, series are fun way to create as well as to share images. I called this series “sharps”. A term that is often used in healthcare in conjunction with sharp objects such as needles and blades used for medical procedures. Sharps used to be an important … Read More

Music: a series

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String instrument - Bass guitar

Working in series: the art of the personal project and sharing it with others A fun way to create as well as to share images is by compiling them (and thinking of them) in SERIES, or a compilation of images. Music is a recurring and loved subject not only for me, but hopefully many of you, so I thought I … Read More

Update on project 365

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Grand Marais - Lighthouse

Project 365: a personal project Project 365 is a personal project where I challenged myself to photograph (or videograph) an image (or clip) every day for 365 days.  A challenge project Importantly, project 365 is a creativity challenge project.  Clearly, it is not “easy” to be creative on every single day of the week/month/year. For 365 days straight!  And It … Read More

Macro in motion

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Image - Photography

Macro Photography I love macro photography because it allows us to see the beauty of small things (see previous post on that topic). In an earlier post, I shared an animation of a 89 still images of an old rusty screw on a piece of wood (an old cutting board). Specifically, I wanted to illustrate how the focus plane (=areas of … Read More

Jewelry shoot with Minneapolis Saint Paul Magazine

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Jewellery - Ring

Shot 1: rings on a fork The first shot had us putting rings on a fork. Since all three shots needed to get done in one day, we had to move relatively quickly. However, this first shot was probably the most challenging as everything was reflective.  But after some creative problem solving, we had the shot we wanted.    Shot 2: … Read More

Project 365: a picture a day for a year

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Photography - Coast

What is project 365? 30 days ago (of the writing of this), I started a personal project called Project 365. And I use a very simple process for this project. I have to take one picture a day and post it daily. A non-original process to train creativity This idea is neither original nor new.  And photographers have used and widely described this … Read More

The beauty of small things

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Coffee bean - Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

In commercial product photography including macro photography, one has to pay a lot of attention to detail with regards to creating an overall image that is hopefully artistic, unique, technically proficient, and overall compelling. Details of composition, lighting, exposure, highlights, shadows, reflections, surfaces, textures, colors balance, saturation, luminosity, gradients, backgrounds, foregrounds, sharpness, edges, negative space, contrast all matter, and of … Read More

“Sel et Terre” Shoot with Terry John Zila

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Thanks to chef Terry John Zila and his Sel et Terre team ( for another great shoot this weekend. An interview with Terry John on TV station WCCO can be seen here. The food looked and tasted fantastic, and I look forward to joining Terry John and his team the next time! Here are a few samples and a look … Read More