Update on project 365

Project 365: a personal project Project 365 is a personal project where I challenged myself to photograph (or videograph) an image (or clip) every day for 365 days.  A challenge project Importantly, project 365 is a creativity challenge project.  Clearly,...

Macro in motion

  Macro Photography I love macro photography because it allows us to see the beauty of small things (see previous post on that topic). In an earlier post, I shared an animation of a 89 still images of an old rusty screw on a piece of wood (an old cutting...

Jewelry shoot with Minneapolis Saint Paul Magazine

Shot 1: rings on a fork The first shot had us putting rings on a fork. Since all three shots needed to get done in one day, we had to move relatively quickly. However, this first shot was probably the most challenging as everything was reflective.  But...

Project 365: a picture a day for a year

What is project 365? 30 days ago (of the writing of this), I started a personal project called Project 365. And I use a very simple process for this project. I have to take one picture a day and post it daily. A non-original process to train creativity...

Mindfulness in photography

One of the readers of my newsletter commented that she loved the mindfulness my photography encourages. While we all love compliments and I specifically loved this one, I was particularly intrigued by the connection of mindfulness and photography, a connection I have not explored until now.

The beauty of small things

In commercial product photography including macro photography, one has to pay a lot of attention to detail with regards to creating an overall image that is hopefully artistic, unique, technically proficient, and overall compelling. Details of composition, lighting,...

“Sel et Terre” Shoot with Terry John Zila

Thanks to chef Terry John Zila and his Sel et Terre team (https://www.facebook.com/tjzcuisine/) for another great shoot this weekend. An interview with Terry John on TV station WCCO can be seen here. The food looked and tasted fantastic, and I look forward to joining...


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I am a photographer in the Minneapolis, St Paul area who specializes in people, product, and food photography for advertising, business, and corporate clients. I am equally comfortable shooting in my studio as on location, and always strive to deliver more than expected.

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