89 images of an old screw (macro photography)

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Close-up - Focus stacking

I love macro photography as it enables us to see things we don’t normally see (see also previous post about the beauty of small things where I talk about macro photography and share some macro shots).

Below is a video of a screw, the video is based on 89 different images, and shows you how the camera “moves” across the subject to capture different focus points (or focus planes) along the way. ¬†Those images were assembled into a single image to create front to back sharp image of this small (and heavily corroded) screw on an old wood board (see below).

macro photography of corroded screw

Final image of a composite of 89 images to create a front to back sharp image of the details of this old corroded about 10mm screw and wooden background. Black and white was chosen to emphasize the texture.

Below is one of the 89 images showing the so called narrow depth of field (how much of the image is in sharp focus). Stacking those images and using only the sharp areas of the individual images to create of an image that is sharp front to back is a common requirement for product photography (e.g. medical devices such as vascular stents).

corroded screw detail macro photograph

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